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Where we get the Best Funding Options when finding Working Capital for your Business.

Here at Capitalism Funding, we Know that Business Owners are the REAL Rock Stars! Through their Visions and Hard Work, amazing things have been Accomplished, and They are what keeps this Country Running!

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Introducing Capitalism Funding

Through Bank Breezy and David Allen Capital

We do the Heavy Lifting when finding Working Capital for your business. We work with All of the Top Reputable Business Lenders to find you the best deal we possibly can. See what you Qualify for Today.

Free Application with No Obligation

Our Story

Here at Capitalism Funding, we Know that Funding is Limited for Small Businesses. Only 2 out of 10 Businesses can get Continual Funding. That leaves 8 out of 10 Businesses to ‘Figure it Out’ for themselves, or get Alternative Capital. 

More often than not, it is funding from people trying to Gouge you out of your Hard Earned Money by taking Advantage of your Vulnerable Situation. 

Here at Capitalism Funding we are doing the Heavy Lifting and Giving you The Best Sources of Alternative Capital - 

Bank Breezy for Loans $2,500 - $25,000

David Allen Capital for Loans $25,000 - $2,000,000 

(One Stop Shops for Best Offers) 

We aim to Help Business Owners Succeed.    

Free Application with NO Obligation. See what youre approved for today!

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If it isn’t something that makes sense for your business today, we’ll still be here tomorrow.

It’s not a matter of IF you’ll Need Funding, but WHEN you’ll Need Funding.

 “You may say ‘No’ for Now, but Now you ‘Know’ for Later”

Keep ‘Capitalism Funding’ in Mind when you’re in a pinch and need a little relief, We Want to Help You. 

Bank Breezy Funding

Bank Breezy

  • Funding up to 25K

  • Instant Approval

  • Before Noon - Same Day Funding

  • After Noon - Next Day Funding

  • Funding on Weekdays Only

  • 100% Online Easy Breezy Process

  • LARGE Discounts for Early Payoff


Funding Amount for
Bank Breezy

  • From $2,500 - $25,000

  • Approximate Approval Amount = 75% of Monthly Sales

  • Receive Funding again and again as Needed

  • ‘Add on Funds’ Also Available


Bank Breezy  Qualifications

  • Minimum 6 Months in Business

  • More than $5,000+ per month in sales

  • You Must have a ‘Business Checking Account’ (No Personal Accounts or Paypal Accounts)

  • Owners Fico Score above 450+


Free Application with No Obligation - See what you’re Approved for Today.


Rate for Bank Breezy

  • (30 Day Early Pay Off) - 1.19x = Pay Back - $11,900

  • (60 Day Early Pay Off) - 1.29x = Pay Back - $12,900

  • (Full Term Pay Off)    - 1.49x = Pay Back - $14,900

If application times out or errors out, you will be sent a link to resume application. (Email and Text) Do NOT start a new application, it will be thrown out for being a duplicate. Check Text and Email for a link to Resume your Active Application. If you are having issues with the application process.


 Example - $10,000

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David Allen Capital

  • Funding up to $2,000,000

  • No Collateral

  • Funding in 1- 5 Days

  • Simple Process with Minimal Documents needed


DAC Funding Amount

  • $25,000 - $2,000,000

  • Approximate Approval Amount = 1 - 2x Monthly Sales

  • $30,000 in Monthly Sales = $30,000 - $60,000 in Funding

  • Frequency of Cash Deposits help Approval Amount

  • Payment History earns you More or allows Add on Funds

David Allen Capital funding

Business Meeting

DAC Qualifications

  • Must have a Business Checking Account

  • Online Banking Set up

  • Minimum 4 Months in Business

  • More than $20,000+ in Monthly Sales

  • Owners Fico Score above 500+

Business Conference

DAC’s Transparent Terms

  • Industry Leading Early Pay Discounts

  • Draw More Funds as you Pay

  • Personalized Account Managers


  • Pay Back Time: 4 - 24 Months   -   Average: 8 - 9 Months

  • Repayment: Daily Auto Micro Deductions - Sometimes Weekly


Rate Example - $100,000

  • (30 Day Early Pay Off) - 1.19x = Pay Back - $119,000

  • (60 Day Early Pay Off) - 1.29x = Pay Back - $129,000

  • (Full Term Pay Off)    - 1.49x = Pay Back - $149,000

Our Services


DAC Healthcare

Employers and Business Owners can now save with the Nation's Largest PPO Network. ACA & ERISA Compliant. No Deductibles or Open Enrollment Restrictions. Better Pricing. Better Assurance. Compare Plans, Find a Provider, and Get a Quote Now by clicking the button.

Business Discussion
Business Meeting

DAC Telcom

Today’s telecom environment is complex. DAC Telcom, powered by AppSmart makes it easy. We represent all the major providers and will help determine the right solutions at the best price.  We provide your business with a one-stop, best offer a solution for: voice, internet, VoIP, mobility, data, cable, and the cloud.

IDProtect and Credit Monitoring

Identities are stolen every day without anyone ever knowing. Get Protected Now - Only $7.99/mo.

Protection For When The Unexpected Happens.

Business Meeting
Business Meeting

DAC Home and Business

DAC prides itself on providing you with savings on services you are already using in your home. We also strive to identify and introduce you to new services that will deliver added convenience and value for your home.

Funding Process


Simple Process

Fill out the Pre-Qualification form. When you are accepted, you will receive a “Welcome Email” from the Team talking you through our Simple Process.

Fill a Document request application - Show 3 months Business Checking Account statements - Show Voided Check - Show Drivers License


Offer is Presented

Does it make sense as an Investment for your Business? Lock Down the Deal. We do business with ALL of the Most Reputable Lending companies, they compete with Each Other to give us the Best Funding Option they can give for your current situation, We find the Best Possible Option, and give it to You as your Offer.  


When you Accept the Offer you will be emailed a ‘DocuSign’ Email to Digitally sign for your funding.


Receive Funds

Funds are only dispersed on Week Days. If you Complete the Process before Noon - On A Week Day - you will receive your Funding Immediately with Bank Breezy $2,500 - $25,000


David Allen Capital has a 1 - 5 Business Day wait before funding.

Let us Know

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